Rodolfo Borney

Rodolfo Borney

Alpine guide and Cross-country Ski Instructor, Rodolfo graduated Massophysiotherapist from the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan (a degree recognized equivalent to the Physiotherapist degree 741-1994 by the Ministry of Health).

He has worked for five years as a Cross country National Team Therapist, following the athlets until the Albertville Olympic games. Then, he opened a center in the old part of Cogne.

He specializes in Oriental therapies spending several months in Japan with the Zen Healer Kurakake Sensei.

He also specializes in Tibetan medicine at the Albagnano Healing Center following the teachings of Lama Gangchen, a great Lama Healer.

He graduated in osteopathy at the Fisiomedic Academy specializing at the Osteopathic Clinical School in Philadelphia (USA).

Rodolfo Borney
Physiotherapist, massage therapyst and osteopath
6, Via Limnea Borealis Cogne, 11012, Aosta, Italia
Phone: +39 0165 749286
Fax: +39 0165 749286