Rodolfo has specialized in the osteopathic approach of dr. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of osteopathy. This American doctor, born in 1828, realized that most of the medical treatments used up until then was ineffective, so he decided to develop a new approach to treatments. He opposed the exclusive use of drugs and surgery indiscriminately, while recognizing their validity and necessity in some cases.

His was a holistic approach: according to Still, the human body was able to heal itself and the healer’s job was to eliminate all the impediments to the normal functions of individuals. He advised his patients to promote an appropriate lifestyle and a healthy diet, to refrain from the use of alcohol and drugs and to use manipulative and energy techniques to improve their physiological functions and restore the energy circuit. The only drugs, in fact, could alleviate the symptoms but were not able to lead to a real self-healing.

Rodolfo has always supported an approach in line with these theories and he is therefore passionate about the osteopathy taught by Dr. Still, as well as Dr. Jean Pierre Barral visceral osteopathy.

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