The bile energetic characteristic in Tibetan medicine is the same as the Pita energetic characteristic for Indian
Ayurvedic medicine.

The predominant poison for the bile type is hatred that is caused mainly by pride, competitiveness, avarice and anger. The mind of an unbalanced bile personality tends to distort reality in a negative and pessimistic way. Pessimism is a manifestation of selfishness: the person closes up in his own suffering, doing so he no longer feels the suffering of others. The more he closes, the more the bile energy increases, generating in this way a vicious circle that is harmful to the mind and tends to manifest in an increasingly violent way.

There is a predominant male yang energy.
Spontaneous development of the intelligence of the left hemisphere of the brain that includes rational and logical intelligence (which controls events). Good verbal and mathematical development.
Perception of restricted time with consequent dependence on temporal patterns.

The bile type.
The bile type has a great (sometimes excessive and fanatical) interest for the social scale, has a good socio-cultural lifestyle, has a low self-control, has a mind that tends to be dominated by aggression, has a good physical and mental vitality with excessive emotional reactions. He tends to jealousy and possessiveness. He loves his work a lot, he tends to love or hate himself a lot, to be proud (pride or presumption is a falsely superior image of ourselves that leads us to be envious of superiors, competitive with our peers and arrogant with the inferiors) and do what he wants without thinking about others. He has unconscious fears (the animal, when afraid, attacks). He is often hungry and thirsty, he can eat and drink a lot without getting too fat and he digests well. He does not like heat because of his strong internal fire, he is often sweating, he is prone to diseases of the heart, liver, gall bladder, system circulatory and fevers. His teeth are medium yellowish and he has got thin, weak hair that tend to fall. He is young, athletic, he likes sweet, bitter and astringent foods. The radial pulse is moderate, hopping, and has about 70 beats per minute. The most energetic moment of the day is around noon. He can have a long and harmonious life if he can balance his fire energy (vitality, sex and anger).

The bile disorders.
When the five elements are unbalanced with a predominance of metal (rationality) and fire (the fire melts the metal) you will have headaches, fever, inflammation, bad body odor due to excessive sweating, pains in the muscles, back and limbs, bitter taste in the mouth and acidity of the stomach, blood in the stool, pain when food reaches the intestine, reddened eyes, acute low back pain, strokes and hypertension. A proud person hardly progresses and learns from others, a humble person learns from everyone. The symptoms of a bile disease occur mainly in the liver, gall bladder, blood, heart, intestines, and eyes and produce fever, inflammation, infection, heart disease and hepatitis. The first morning urine is dark in color and has a bad smell, the tongue is yellowish.

Self-destructive and self-healing diets for the bile type.
If we follow a wise and harmonious diet, we will greatly reduce the risk of the onset of physical and mental illness due to excess of humor.

Self-destructive diet.
In the presence of bile disorders, we should avoid assuming hot food with a sharp taste, sour, salty, alcohol, spices, red meat (which increases aggression), buckwheat, molasses and brown sugar, eggs, hazelnut butter and above all peanuts, onions and coffee.

Self-healing diet.
We must try to use foods of a cold nature with a sweet, bitter and astringent taste. Rice, millet, wheat and barley, pork, chicken, fish, tofu, mushrooms, fresh butter, goat’s milk, radishes, lentils, salad and vegetables, all kinds of sweet fruits like strawberries and peaches, boiled water left cool, cold water from glaciers and underground springs, light black tea. If you have a strong physical or mental bile disorder it is good to fast completely a day or two before starting the diet. If you are predisposed to bile disturbances you must follow the food regulations especially in the summer. If you do not take care of the diet of physical behavior and the negative mental tendency towards anger and hatred, the risk of mood disorders increases.

Self-destructive behavior for the bile type.

Self-destructive behavior.
The outbursts of rage and uncontrolled aggression that produce mental instability, excessive physical fatigue from too much work, the lifting of excessive weights, taking too much sun. Dangerous or aggressive sports such as fight, boxing, motorcycles, cars, extreme mountaineering. Competitiveness exasperated in sport, at work, in politics since competitiveness increases anger.

Self-healing behavior.
Practicing relaxation techniques, developing sensitivity to the suffering of others, doing meditation, exercising patience, becoming familiar with the practice of relative and absolute space, wearing light clothes, spending holidays in the mountains, changing one’s lifestyle and the mental attitude towards pride and aggression.
It is very useful to consciously develop the sensitivity towards the sufferings of others because this helps to decrease one’s suffering. The bile type needs massaging and manipulation of the joints especially when it has an excess of bile. Body treatments are the key to relax and refresh the bile type that has excess physical heat (fire).
Recommended colors: white = pacification, tranquility
Colors to avoid: red = fire, passion, anger.
It is worth remembering that the main fuels that fuel the fire of anger are: pride and competitiveness that are fought with modesty and wisdom, avarice and attachment that are fought with generosity and the fear that is fought with inner knowledge.
We must work on fuels that feed the fire and not on trying to extinguish the fire.

The season in which the bile mood is most apparent is summer.

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