It encompasses numerous techniques that must be adapted to the needs of every patient: from massage to passive or active articular mobilization, from functional re-education to physical-instrumental therapy.


It aims at the harmony of the skeletal and visceral structure in order to find balance and maintain health.

Welcome to Studio Borney

In an ancient barn, converted into a healing center, you can find a collection of osteopathic and physiotherapy treatments that combine Western knowledge with ancient Japanese and Tibetan therapies.

Our treatments primarily aim at re-balancing the spine and all joints in order to prevent or relieve physical pain and restore body and mind harmony.

Physiotherapy instruments and a gym complete Rodolfo’s main manual work.

Who are we?

Studio Borney: a holistic healing center for body and mind harmony
Rodolfo Borney
Physiotherapist, massage therapyst and osteopath
6, Via Limnea Borealis Cogne, 11012, Aosta, Italia
Phone: +39 0165 749286
Fax: +39 0165 749286