Shoulder rehabilitation

Shoulder rehabilitation

In these exercises it is important never to exceed the pain threshold.

1 Exercise of the pendulum: At the beginning and at the end of each gym session, do the following exercise for a few minutes. Stand up half a metre from the wall and, with your head leant on one arm along the wall, rotate slightly the other arm in all directions while keeping it tensionless. Exercise can be performed by attaching a weight of 1 – 2 kilos to the wrist according to the indications.

Exercises 2, 3, 4, 5 must be repeated 10 times for 3 or more series depending on the indications. Be careful not to lift the shoulders during the execution.

2- Lie on your back (belly up). Hold a stick with both hands resting on your thighs and bring it behind your head, keeping your arms outstretched. In case of shoulder pain during this exercise, do the exercise without a stick, supporting the painful arm with the healthy one. If you experience shoulder pain, do not complete the exercise but do the repetitions with reduced movements.

3 – Lying on the side of the healthy shoulder stretch and flex the arm extended at the top.

4- Lying on the side of the painful shoulder, bring that shoulder at 90° and bend the elbow up to 90°. Extrarotate the painful shoulder from the vertical position to the floor in the direction of the head. Go back to the initial position with the arm, counteracting the painful arm with the other arm.

5- Standing up, hold the cane horizontally with your arms outstretched behind the buttocks and extend them backwards.

6- Lie on the ground with your knees bent. Slowly, open the arms with the hands adhering to the ground and the palms facing upwards until they are fully extended behind the head. If the tension is too painful, raise the painful arms (or arm) placing them stretched out behind the head. When they are stretched backwards, the hands must always touch the ground or a cushion. Keep this position for at least 5 breaths.
If the tension is painful, return to the initial position by raising the arms from the ground.

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